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Garage Sales

The Great American Garage Sales are always the first Sunday and third Saturday of each month!

Hundreds of vendors are set up indoors & outdoors for Western New York’s largest Garage Sale & Flea Market. Vendors set up are selling antiques, collectibles, household items, and much much more!

2019 Great American Garage Sale Dates

  • May 5th & 18th
  • June 2nd & 15th
  • July 7th & 20th
  • August 4th & 17th
  • September 1st & 21st
  • October 6th & 19th


Please Note:  Vendors arrive very early for the outdoor market and tend to leave by mid afternoon – so get here early and shop the outside then you will have plenty of time to shop in any of our 5 indoor shops.

Have your garage sale here this summer!

No reservation needed – First come, first served.

Early arrival is recommended, anywhere from dawn to 8am.
Unlimited space available outside.
Simply drive into Antique World and find any space available,
park in the spot, and set up. Grab any empty table ($3 each) or bring your own.
We will be around to see you for the rent in the AM.


  • $30
  • Approx 20×20 space
  • Table Rentals – $3 per day


  • $20
  • Approx 20×20 space
  • Table Rentals – $3 per day