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Sell Your Stuff

Looking to store your stuff & sell it yourself?
Looking for someone to sell your stuff for you?
Looking for cash for your stuff?
Starting your own business and looking for a place to set up?

Check out our many options here are Antique World & Flea Market!

What Are Your Options?


Looking to sell your stuff quick for cash?


  • We are always buying and selling antiques & collectibles

  • We have hundreds of dealers here who buy and sell

  • Give us a call to find out if you have something we are interested in!

Call us at 716-759-8483
Email info@antiqueworldmarket.com


Rent a Retail Storage Unit


  • Retail units start as low as $125 a month

  • Sell your stuff on the weekends at our huge flea market

  • Have access to your stuff 24/7

  • NYS Sales Tax Certificate required *

Call 716-407-3125 for availability


Rent an Outdoor Space at our next flea market


  • Our flea market runs every weekend Sat + Sun, April – October

  • No contracts necessary – we run on a first come, first serve basis

  • Cost is $15 Saturdays, $25 Sundays + $5 more on Great American Garage Sale Days

  • NYS Sales Tax Certificate required * 

Rent a booth or case in one of our shops


  • You bring your stuff in, price it, and we sell it for you!

  • Our Shops are open 6 days a week & attract thousands of customers year-round

  • Case Rentals start at $50 a month

  • No Tax ID # Required!

Call 716-759-0455 for availability


Why Sell your Stuff Here??

Get Cash Fast from experienced and knowledgeable antique dealers 

Highly Advertised! We reach Buffalo, Rochester, and surrounding areas! You’ll see us on billboards, in newspapers, and hear about us on the radio!

We attract thousands of customers from many demographics! You can find antique dealers, families, and more!

We are the biggest Antique Center and Flea Market in the area! Anyone looking for antiques, collectibles, or vintage items will stop here first!